Our working groups

Communication & Advocacy

With the aim to develop and implement a comprehensive communication strategy, including awareness raising initiatives to support SexSense in reaching its membership and advocacy objectives.


With the aim to identify, analyse and understand trends, practices and experiences relevant for the development of tools, working methods, guidelines and manuals.

Capacity Building

With the aim to support, empower and build knowledge and the capacity of different actors, including young people and/or adults.

Project Design & Fundraising

With the aim to coordinate proposal development and partnership strategy for fundraising.

Why join SexSense?

You will become part of a leading and influential network at the EU level in Comprehensive Sexuality Education being able to:

Contribute to the research efforts in Comprehensive Sexuality Education, promote resources and share best practices with other practitioners, trainers, researchers, and experts.

Influence the way Comprehensive Sexuality Education is developing and advocate for its relevance.

Connect with a powerful group of organisations strengthening (your own and different actors') capacities in the field.

Present and consolidate your project ideas and turn them into practice by accessing specific EU grants.

If you are willing to become part of an international forum on sexuality education and develop new impactful projects, make your membership request!
SexSense network will become more effective and influential as it grows, so...