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SexSense - Membership Request

Are you an organization, a public entity, a University or formal network dedicated to advancing Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) from a gendered approach? We offer two types of memberships:

Active Member


Fulfil 2 of the 3 requirements:

  • Having at least 3 experiences related to projects, actions, researches or training curriculum on CSE.
  • Having a clear vision of your direction on CSE for the next 3 years.
  • Availability to join the Event.

Moreover, Active Members should be based in the EU.


    • Connect with a powerful group of organisations strengthening (your own and different actors') capacities in the field. 
    • Participate in the Annual SexSense Event.
    • Contribute to the research efforts in CSE, promote resources and share best practices with other practitioners, trainers, researchers, and experts. 
    • Influence the way CSE is developing and advocate for its relevance. 
    • Present and consolidate your project ideas and turn them into practice by accessing specific EU grants.
    • Receive capacity building opportunities.
    • Receive news and latest trends on CSE.

    Associated Member


    • Having motivation to become part of SexSense
    • Being interesting in building experience in CSE in the near future

    Associated Members can be based within or outside the EU.


    • Receive capacity building and training offers
    • Receive news and latest trends on CSE
    • Become an Active Member in the future

    Membership is free

    until 1st September 2024. Fee rates will be established with network members in early 2024. 

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